Cost Reduction Services

Tax Recovery & Savings

calculating figuresOur ability to decrease our clients’ tax related expenses has been proven for over 30 years. Our experts roll up their sleeves and investigate tax payment inefficiencies and complete all the necessary work to ensure our clients receive the refunds and exemptions of which they are entitled.

Click on any of these links to learn more: Fuel Tax Recovery, HVUT Recovery & Audit, and Sales & Use Tax Recovery.

NECS identified over $128,000 in potential tax recoveries

We thought that we were doing everything possible to collect the taxes due to the Arizona Department of Transportation. We really didn't expect much from this contract but affirmation of our good practices. In the first six months, NECS® identified over $128,000.00 in potential tax recoveries.

--Joe O'Neill
Equipment Services Administrator
Arizona D.O.T.
Two opportunities for NECS to shine

Wow, two opportunities for NECS® to shine in less than 30 days. Ad Hoc proof as to how much we depend on you.

--Randy Berry
Business Manager
Arizona D.O.T