Regulatory Compliance

Driver Qualification File Management

Driver Profile Management System DashboardIn order to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a web-based tool for tracking and controlling commercial driver-related data and credentials. Driver Profile Management System® (DPMS®), which is exclusive to NECS®, eliminates the paper tracking nightmare many fleet managers and operators face. This user-friendly application enables the effective management of:

  • Driver Qualification Files (DQF)
  • Driver Personal Information
  • Driver Terminal/Location Assignments
  • Driver Hiring/Termination Information
  • Driver Training
  • Driver Accident Information
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Results
  • Electronic Driver Logs
  • Driver Behavior History

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Knowledge & Experience

I worked with Barb and Paul at NECS® for several years and their knowledge and experience within the regulatory and D.O.T. fields have been invaluable to me. They helped us solve the driver and equipment challenges of regulatory compliance. As a result, we reached out to them when it came time to address the challenges of maintaining a safe and compliant base of carriers for our company.

--Larry Ahlers, Former VP of Transportation
Oldcastle Building Products