Pre-Employment Services

Previous Employment Verifications

magnifying glass over employment historyDraws on previous employers knowledge of the applicant during the time period specified on the application for employment. Our DOT PEV’s meet all DOT regulations regarding FMCSR section 391.23-Investigations and inquiries. 

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Thousands of fuel tax dollars recovered

I wanted to thank you for the many years you have served my company’s needs with regards to the many thousands of FUEL TAX DOLLARS you and your company have recovered for us. It is a very easy process you set up for us. All we have to do is call you and you take care of it for us with out all of the complicated forms that the local and federal governments have set in the way of FUEL TAX recovery. It is always a pleasure to see you when you visit us.

--Harvey V. Hoyer
Original Concrete Pumping Service, Inc.