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NECS® Partners with the "Best of the Best"

NECS® is proud to have been providing 'FLEET SOLUTIONS SINCE 1986®'... and we continue today to search out opportunities for improving the range and quality of products and services we provide fleet managers and equipment operators across America. One of the most important aspects of our solution-based approach to customer service is our business alliance program.

No single company can do and be everything for everybody. But, when our customers turn to us for advice or assistance regarding elements of their business not currently addressed by our product and service menu, we take those requests to heart... and we search for the best solution available. Often those searches result in valuable long term business alliances.

ITL has saved monies

I would like to personally thank the NECS® staff and specifically Mr. Jerry Alles for the work that has been done for discovering ITL, Inc.'s fuel savings. As you are aware, ITL has saved monies in our fleet fuel consumption costs and we are beginning the fuel catalyst installations of the remainder of the fleet.

--Chuck Moore
Operations Manager
ITL, Inc.
NECS identified over $128,000 in potential tax recoveries

We thought that we were doing everything possible to collect the taxes due to the Arizona Department of Transportation. We really didn't expect much from this contract but affirmation of our good practices. In the first six months, NECS® identified over $128,000.00 in potential tax recoveries.

--Joe O'Neill
Equipment Services Administrator
Arizona D.O.T.